Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CA ARCServe on Ubuntu

I've been extremely busy the past few months, but wanted to throw a quick post up before I forget.  If you're unfortunate enough to have to run CA ARCServe (BrightStor or whatever else they are calling it this week), then you know what I pain it can be getting it going on Linux boxen.  The install scripts aren't the best, and I have yet to find a single version that will install without some kind of tweak to the install scripts.
I had to update the agent on my Ubuntu desktop today and as usual, it barfed.  I happened to do a quick search and ran across a great port that provided a quick fix without all the usual hack-and-slash that I usually have to perform.
Props to Nik!
How to install CA ArcServe Backup r15 Linux Agent on Ubuntu