These are my favorite hardware and software products that make life as a sysadmin easier.

(These are unsolicited recommendations  - I don't receive any compensation for suggesting these products)


Servers, Storage, etc.

Tools and Data Center Items


  • Backtrack Linux - Pen testing, forensics and analysis tools galore
  • Cacticomplete network graphing solution
  • CentOS - Community ENTerprise Operating System.  All the stability of Red Hat without having to pay through the nose for lousy support!
  • IPPlan - great free PHP based IP address management solution
  • Opsview - Nagios based enterprise monitoring solution
  • Splunk - Splunk is a fully featured, powerful platform for collecting, searching, monitoring and analyzing machine data
  • Ubuntu - The best of Debian-based Linux distros. Incredibly stable and well supported.
  • VMware - Virtualization solutions for both servers and desktops.  The leader in this area by far!